Popcorn holiday tin and winter adventures

I love remembering what Christmas was like when I was little. As an adult with no kids, I realize how quiet and not-so-magical it is sometimes. So, until the day I have a few minis running around to entertain, I’ll just work on remembering all the things I loved so much about the best season of the year. But, to be efficient about this, instead of writing a post about all holiday memories in one huge post, I think I’ll just post them here and there, whenever I’m feeling nostalgic.

Here is something I came across in Christmas shopping online that made me laugh.

Did your parents always get the tradition popcorn bucket around the holidays? I can’t remember if my Mom’s house had it, but I know at my Dad’s it was a staple. He loved that stuff. I think he tried to make us think we loved it more than he did so he didn’t feel bad about eating the whole tin. hahaha. Whenever I see a tin now, 1. I have to buy it and 2. I have to smile. Who doesn’t love three different types of the same snack, all bad for you and none really tasting fantastic.

Until now. Or so I’m told by my office mate, NP. She swears by this stuff from Garrett’s and apparently so does Oprah. And you know if Oprah loves something, it’s to diiiiiiiiie for. After all, it’s one of her Favorite Things and I do NOT argue with anything on that list. (Said list, which I assume would be an easy way to find new Christmas gift ideas…http://www.oprah.com/oprahshow/Oprahs-Ultimate-Favorite-Things-2010) But $85 for a popcorn tin? Well, if I knew I’d get it before Christmas, to enjoy on Christmas, maybe. But buying now would mean I get it in February and that is just not worth $85 dollars to me right now. So, no tin. If you have one at home, though, please enjoy for me.

Now here are a few pics from our adventures this weekend with Katie and Derek. Because of the weather and the fact that we paraded the dogs around with us all weekend, we stayed in Germany and decided to give them a tour of the lakes, castles and snowy Alps.
That’s me and Katie, posing in front of the Neuschwanstein Castle/snowy mountains. I am not wearing a coat because I was in the middle of trying not to throw up on the side of the road, due to some sort of endless stomach acid/gluhwein bile issue I’ve been battling. We look thrilled, though.

And here are Katie and Derek, enjoying sunset in Fussen, on our way to Zugspitze, the highest mountain in Germany. Unfortunately we weren’t able to go up Zugspitze as planned Sunday morning, due to the extreme cloud covering that made it impossible for gondola rides and mountain-top photo-ops.

And here we all are at the Olympic Training site in Garmisch, our third but not final stop on the Hopkins’ German Winterfest Prius tour. It’s disappointing that no one was training this weekend but oh well, maybe some other time.

We finished our trip by heading home on Sunday, only to find ourselves at Dachau. That is what happens when the boss (me) falls asleep and we let my Mr. H navigate in the driver’s seat. He does things like try to squeeze “one more thing” in, even if that last attempt at forced culture is a concentration camp. Now I had JUST told him that evil German work camps are NOT places we just “swing by” on the way home somewhere, but ugh, I was SLEEPING and I woke up to it. I will save the, “A Day at Dachau” post for some other time but here’s a pic I took of K, D and C coming out of one of the buildings.

Yeah, looks really fun, doesn’t it?

Bis morgen…