Lions: Christian, The and my new favorite song

It’s Monday and since we just got back last night from touring Germany and the Alps, I’ll need a night to compose a good post w/ pictures. Sooo, in the meantime, I have a new song to add to my playlist, compliments of my sister’s iPod, that I thought would be of interest. It’s a really, really great song.

Mumford and Sons’ “Little Lion Man“:

It’s tip your stomach upside-down good and listen to that guitar. It makes me wet in the pants. ***Swoooon. File this somewhere near Pearl Jam’s “Black” and “Crush,” DMB.

And, because my head works in the most random fashion, it made me think of the video of that lion Christian, who had the love affair with his trainers. I’ll tell you one thing. Holy GOD, I’m a sappy, little monster after watching this video. I mean, really? A LION HUGGING MEN? Because he MISSES THEM?

Ohmygod. Please. This is almost too much for my frosty, blackened heart.

Lastly, I included the picture of the Chow Chow because
1. I losemyshit over them and I’ve been dying to have one since I lived in DC.
2. They are like baby lions and since you’re all aware how my mind works now, you know how I got from the song to the video to the thought to find a picture of a chow.
3. I wanted to because Chows make me happy and today is Monday and we all need a little something to be happy about on Mondays.

And so for now, that is all.