Chex Mix

So Chex Mix says that eating a full bag of Bold mix is consuming 8 servings. I think that’s a bit unfair and don’t appreciate their snack size. I ate an entire bag yesterday in the office and am on par to finish today’s bag in the next three hours.

I don’t know what to make of this, and now, since I ate 1/3 of a pint of B&J in bed last night when reading, perhaps I should consider upping my step count. I don’t want to be foolish and slow down on my eating.

I might consider chewing quietly since I sit in an open room with 11 other people and just a few weeks ago one of my new coworkers asked, mid bag, Are you going to finish that whole thing, without turning around and without first considering how important his life was to him. I decided also to not turn around and kept chomping loudly and said, Yes, yes I just might.

That was his strike one.

I might also consider cleaning up my mess at the end of each day because underneath my desk looks like a squirrel is hiding CM down there. Just today, some techie person came in looking for phone cords and even after I told him we didn’t have any, insisted on getting on his hands and knees awkwardly and searching under each of our desks. All was fine until he got under mine and he shouted, YOU LIKE CHEX MIX HUH? First of all, please stop yelling so everyone on the floor can hear you. Obviously I like it, it’s everywhere under my desk because I have no self control and it’s everywhere. Look in my keyboard. Gross? Yep, it is wicked gross.

And if we’re judging my by what’s under mess desk you’d find, 3 pairs of smelly shoes that I only put on for meetings, slim jims, wet wipes, a spare pair of underwear, my daily journal for writing down good ideas and names to add to my shit list, and a mirror so I can check my teeth b/c I don’t like to talk to people after eating in this manner.

Kind of a slow day, outside of binge eating at my desk.