Heading back to Maine

I’m flying out (again) tomorrow morning to head home to Maine to see my family. I haven’t been back in 11 months and I am SO EXCITED. I have been missing home lately and am looking forward to some much-needed relaxation on the coast with my family and friends.

So today we’re going to do a picture and video blog about all the reasons I’m excited to go home. I’m too tired to be anything but visual today. Here we go.

First, I get to meet this little man, the reason I’m actually coming home:

Awww, what a face.

Then we’re going to do this:

Going to eat my face off.

And I’m going to the outlets to do this in preparation for all of my summer adventures:

Except I hate shoes.

And then obviously, Katie and I will make more dance videos while driving around on errands and Maine adventures. Expect a lot more of this:
When sisters make music videos

And hey, you’re welcome for the sweet dance moves.