Monkey Mountain in Affenberg

So today I declared loudly, OHMYGOD I think my life is almost complete, after feeding and holding hands with my first monkey ever.

Yeah, a monkey held my hand today, which totally made up for the fact that another one attacked one of the Craven girls by leaping at her, latching onto her hair with both hands, making her scream and cry and then another monkey open hand slapped the other Craven because she dropped the popcorn he wanted.

What was I doing during the primal assaults? Laughing and clapping my hands and squealing with delight, mostly because I have no maternal instinct and monkeys behaving badly is kind of funny.

In case you have never heard about me talk about monkeys, you may not know how excited they get me.

I’m borderline cross-eyed and drooling, I’m so excited to be near monkeys.

If that mental picture doesn’t give you an idea about how pumped I was today, then nothing will.

Well, or you could read about a serious monkey analysis I did last year around this time…
Last year’s thoughts on monkeys

Either way, if you haven’t been to Affenberg, you are missing out.