Man’s Day in Germany

So I wrote yesterday that Man’s Day is something about men being dragged around in a cart, drinking beer from sun up to sun down, right?

And we all thought, yeah right, not in Germany. Man’s Day isn’t that simple, is it?? It cannot just be a celebration of being a man, doing men things, can it??

And then the world couldn’t make it any fucking easier on me. I get back from driving from Hohenzollern castle today and me and the Craven ladies are getting out of the car, standing in my street when we hear lots of loud music of a festive nature and I’m all, No, it’s a holiday, the Germans are not blasting music anywhere.

Just then, one of the kids says, “WHAT IS THAT?” The tone of her voice seemed scared/excited.

And then I see it.

A cart, with flags waving, music blaring and men drinking. Happy Day Being a Man, having kids and sending Jesus to Heaven. It really is a joyous day, apparently.

Germans on Man's Day. Win.

Man’s Day. No kidding.