Training the youth of Germany

Honestly, I can just walk down the street and find examples of how different Germans are, and in this case, their kids.

The children are not like kids at home and thank god because I know plenty of American kids that would benefit from a good slap on the ass.

These kids, though, are quiet and I barely see them and they don’t play in the streets or scream or swear or act generally disrespectful, primarily I suspect because they have been warned and their lives have been threatened. And man, can they walk in a straight line during their lunchtime. Orderly kids, I like it.

I have to laugh at the extremes though. Here is a perfect example, which I ran into today while the Mr. and I were out walking Moxie.

Seems harmless, right? It was nice out today, really warm and sometimes sunny. You’d think to yourself, hmm, maybe they don’t have a pool and she’s splashing around water in a bucket for fun.

Except splashing water around in a bucket for no reason is breaking the law here. I think it’s Law 87456 in the Official Book of German Laws of Life (which I know exists and I will find it).

So I get closer and I want to somehow get behind her and make some face like, Hmm this situation is so German, so I try to have Mr. H take the picture but he’s all, “I am not taking a picture of a small girl I don’t know in front of her house in Germany,” which is completely understandable because penalty for that is certainly death by Frau. Magenta hairs everywhere would unite over that and kill him on the street like a pedo.

So instead I passed her and then turned back and took a picture of her. Take a close look and see if you can see what she’s doing.

That bucket and that broom are not child-sized and they are not toys.

Sidewalk chalk. After drawing flowers and a sun on the sidewalk, she was given a bucket and a broom, both adult sized, to clean up the mess. I watched her clean for ten minutes.

Did she look phased, though? No. Because she knows. She knows that if “Thou shalt clean up your pretty chalk mess when done with it” falls in The Book somewhere, then thou shalt soap and water it when done drawing.