Why I belong in a cage

I’ve tried posting about four different times now on four different days but then get sidetracked and so I’ve deleted all of the posts and we’re starting over and today you’re just going to get an update and a picture of me making one of the many stupid faces I make daily. I apologize in advance for disappointing.

This weekend I was sick. The short story is that I spent about 56 hours on my couch almost giving myself bed sores by napping, movie watching and staring at walls because I felt like the cold medicine was making me hallucinate. I was very, very ugly and snotty and I feel much better. Thank you for asking.

Last night I attended a festive birthday dinner with some of my Stuttgart faves and my friend took this very charming pic of me, which is further proof that I should be kept in a cage and not be allowed in public.


For the record, I was not prepared for this picture, which is why I’m pulling crumbs out of my shirt and why there’s frosting on my face.

For the record, no offense Germany but you ARE AWFUL AT CUPCAKE MAKING.

That should be a whole other post but I’m just going to state for the record, while Germans can make the fuck out of some schnitzel, it would absolutely kill them to learn how to bake a cupcake or a doughnut. Like a Boston creme would send them straight the hell over the edge.

Alright. Lame topics tonight, I know. I’m just really tired.

Tomorrow I’ve got a fun one for ya, though. Here’s a hint. Magenta haired wenches.

Until tomorrow….