Mastering the German language, one adjective at a time

I’m not sure what everyone else does on Mondays where it rains, snows and is boring as all get out. The minute I saw it snowing today, I dreaded getting out from under the covers. I wanted to stay in bed and read all day but NO, I had to come in and save the world. However, you should know that all of Germany and The World has off today for Jesus again.

Easter Monday confuses me, really. Jesus already died. Everyone mourned that (even though this keeps HAPPENING EVERY YEAR). Then everyone had a good time celebrating his rising yesterday. So what’s today? Today is Bright Monday? Renewal Monday? That’s a bit much, GOD. Today I think is a bit of Jesus overkill.

Outside of being grumpy that everyone seems to have the day off, here’s what I did today, in between working and staring at the wall.

I made 300 flashcards. 104 of them are adjectives. I can now describe anything to you in German better than I could yesterday.

Don't get too excited. I can only remember 42 right now.

As of yesterday, everything, as you remember, would be sehr gut. That, in fact, doesn’t even make sense because it does NOT mean very good, as I’ve been using it. It means very well. So yes, I am a moron.

Now I can describe things as terrible, lazy, awful, outrageous, belligerent and husky, though I think the translation is wrong because I have a sneaky suspicion that the translation I got for husky means Husky Dog, not thick and sturdy.

Funny, though. I asked so many off questions that the translate app started to give up. I typed in “husky” and it did the above. I typed in “smashing” and I think he told me how to smash something, as opposed to the British “smashing” which is one word I really love. Seriously. I think my translate application wanted to talk back to me and say, WHY WOULD YOU EVER NEED TO KNOW THESE WORDS?

Because, Germany. I am special. That’s why. Special and now much smarter than I was yesterday. Watch out, farmer man. No more produce trickery from you EVER AGAIN.