Frohe Ostern aus Deutschland!

Nothing new to report today except Jesus is back so I guess I’ll let him have the spotlight.

Just kidding. Obviously when I find an adorable picture of Boo wearing bunny ears, that totally trumps Jesus and the day of rising yada yada yada.

I cannot tell you how much I want this dog.

No offense to you religious types. I’m just more into adorable dogs than churchy stuff.

You should all know, though, that this sinning ass was at church this morning at ten. Not only did I pay attention 60% of the time, I sang and I did not mock one single thing in the building. I did, however, say the F word six minutes into service, at which point the Mr. was all, Nice, Heather. You can’t even make it ten minutes in church.

I figure me being in church should have been the success, not the swear count in the first ten minutes.

Anyway, I’ve eaten three different servings today of ham and its made me sleepy and cranky. I’ve settled on the couch for a few hours of TV watching until bedtime.

If you’re bored, I remembered today that my first year in Germany during Easter week I spent 8 days in a TB ward with pneumonia, dying slowing and battling middle-aged German women. Feel free to read about that awesome week here. Or, just go eat YOUR third helping of ham and the like.

Happy Easter!

If anyone is in love with Boo as I am, refer to his site here.