We Are the World

I rarely talk about my job on The Chronicles and I never talk about world peace and all that jazz but I got a bit inspired if not emotional the other day when a friend from the conference sent me her pictures. This was one of them:

This picture made me smile. And it also made me hopeful. And it also made me kind of sad. Most of all, though, it reminded me of how lucky I am to work with so many people from all over the globe. It reminded me that I am a really small part of a really big world and that being a part of this side of the world for already this long, and hopefully much longer, is something that I should never, ever take for granted.

That being said, no worries, I am still a jaded and belligerent ass. Don’t think a little inspirational tagging has changed me. 😉

**thanks to Allison S for the picture. Great shot.