Shit People Say Videos

I have 7 hours until game time and to keep from dying of boredom, I’m watching funny videos and reading articles about how legendary AND LICKABLE Tom Brady is and drooling over Wes Welker. Yep, I’m a Welker girl.

Wes, I'm all yours. Please don't leave us. Oh, and fuck off Jets.

If I were living back home right now, I’d be in the middle of cup and snack making for a playoff party we’d host, but I’m stuck here while all my New England friends are painting their faces, tailgating on couches and getting ready for the big game tonight. DAMN YOU GERMANY FOR BEING SO FAR AWAY FROM NEW ENGLAND. Hpmh.

So anyway. In keeping busy over here, I’ve been mindlessly watching youtube videos. I know these “shit people say” videos are old but I don’t care. Every time I watch these, I die laughing and everyone needs something stupid and funny to watch today, right?

Also, now I want to make one. Would Shit Germans Say be a bad idea? Probably. A, Shit Americans Say While Visiting Europe, would be easy, but would further prove that we sound like morons. Hmmm. I’ll have to make a list of all of my new video ideas. Might be time to add Vlogs to the Chronicles.

Enough rambling, already. These videos are a riot. Enjoy!

Shit Girls Say to Gay Guys. REALLY true. And hysterical.

Shit Girls Say, Episode 1. All true. Sad, but true.

Even BETTER, Shit Black Girls Say. Seriously, black women are the best.

And one of my newest favorites…for all my DC friends.
Shit People in DC Say. As a previous resident, these are all true.