Weekend review–Hooters, Pats and working MLK Day

While I should be writing something very thoughtful on MLK Day and equality and the progress of the world to date, I don’t have anything very inspirational to add and so I think today I’ll just post a few diddle worthy pics of Tom Brady, make fun of someone who loves Jesus and talk about eating until I’m fat, aka my weekend recap…
My weekend wasn’t that eventful but there were some highlights.

I went into the weekend loving this.

Which obviously meant I wore all of my Pats gear all weekend long. And thank GOD I had my Pats sweats back. I had left them at a hotel I stayed at in Lithuania and it cost $70 to ship me back my $50 sweats but they were on my ass all weekend, which is all that really counts.

Then I went here, which yes, I was obviously all class this weekend. My mistake was wine drinking and watching a Top Chef episode on Friday night that featured a BBQ challenge which led me to shout, WE ARE SO GOING TO DRIVE AN HOUR TO HOOTERS TOMORROW AND YOU CANNOT DENY ME MY RIGHT TO TITS AND WINGS. First, the Mr. isn’t a fan of Hooters and second, I didn’t care. Wings were calling, though looking back, they actually have nothing to do with a Texas BBQ challenge. Who cares.

Slamming back too many wings sent me into relaxation time, which is also known as Gin time and an episode I like to call, Heather Drunk Dials Her Friends and Family…which is always a fun time. I would have stayed off the phone and just gone to bed but I was SURE I could stay up and make it to watch the Pats game. I didn’t. Gin won and instead, I woke up and watched the game, sure not to check the internet or fb or my phone for texts.

Then I got to be all happy about this.

Some came to just play the game Saturday. Brady came to set records.

The big win allowed me to go back to napping stress-free on Sunday, which then turned into a day full of reading articles that made Tom Brady look like God and made fun of Tebow and how Jesus probably, ahem CLEARLY, hates him this week. Oh well, guess that’s what you get when you don’t spend enough time on your knees *praying. Also, I spent a good amount of time reading about all the whiners on facebook telling the world to leave Jesus loving Tebow alone. I don’t have much to say except maybe less time praying and more time practicing and maybe then you wouldn’t have looked like you showed up to a charity game. Better luck next year, altar boy.

Also, I was pretty happy about these as well. So happy, in fact, that I ordered mmmm, 15 boxes. That should really help my ass when I start consuming half a box a day AFTER I finish my juice cleanse.

So, that was my riveting weekend. Hope everyone that has off today is celebrating the life of MLK or just day drinking. Treat yourself.

**Both Pats pictures this week come from Masshole Sports. If you love New England sports and sarcastic commentary, check it out. If not, you probably suck at life.