Family questionnaires and being forgotten

Sundays aren’t my best day for riveting blog posts. I spend the day alternating between being productive around the house and being lazy as all get out. Today I’m too busy eating, napping and Top Chef marathon watching to think of something original to write. Plus, today I’m busy answering my very own Family Survey 2012, comprised of 75 questions I think all of my family members should answer before they die. Not to be all morbid or anything.

I sent this survey to every cousin, sibling, parents, grandparent, in-law and cousin in-law that I have. The purpose of the survey is to give your story and your memories and a photo or two while you’re still in your prime. I would say before anyone has lost their mind but its a bit too late for that in most cases of the people I’m working with and so we’ll keep with the “in your prime” idea.

It sets me off slightly that no one ever researches family history or makes a family tree until people die. Then the grandparents of grandparents are long gone and no one remembers anything about where they’re from or what Crazy Aunt Betty was really like. I asked our parents last year to tell me to name their grandparents and great grandparents and tell me where they’re from and in some cases, too many cases, they had no answers but weren’t that apologetic about it. Like it didn’t matter that they couldn’t remember someone who was only one leaf above them in the tree. This is really unsettling to me. Also, my family is bat ass crazy and Mr. H’s has it’s moments too and I’d like people to remember all of us without having to try hard. So. I’m going to take the responsibility of organizing it and then pretty-ing it up later and then the whole world can thank me for leaving our legacies behind, with photos.

In the email I sent out to our families, I offered up a bribe to every one of them. It’s the only way I can get any of them to type something. First five (of 30) to send the questionnaire back to me gets a very nice and fancy gift from Europe. Not one of them has responded and they’re about to get their week reminder. My family just LOVESmy demands and my *patience.

But seriously. Could I make it any easier on people? Fill out a questionnaire and no one will forget you. The questions aren’t all boring, either. I want things like favorite quote, first car, favorite book, dream job, greatest accomplishment, nickname, favorite cocktail, best memory, biggest regret, favorite vacation spot and use three adjectives to describe yourself to all be a part of their stories. To me, those things are far more important than the school they graduated from and how many siblings they had. And besides, my follow-up question would be WHICH sibling do you love the most and which do you wish would drown?

Oh, I’m sorry. You don’t wish death on anyone in your family? Huh. Weird.

So since all of my family members have so far ignored my request or avoided talking to me about it, I am going to fill out mine and then email it to all 30 of them as a reminder that they are lazy and they will not win this battle. They will give me their stories or I will put them on the phone and do it that way.

And I know. I sound a bit crazy. But am I the only person that is absolutely terrified of being forgotten?