My Word of the Year

I will admit, I tend to despise people who make declarations like,
“I just LOVE words!” Shit like that makes me squint my eyes, tilt my head and get all judgy on someone like, Yeah. You love words. You are so profound. You’re a literary genius, lover of words.

Any writer loves words. Declaring you love words is worse than declaring you love lamp. Loving lamp is at least awesome.

But, I am breaking my own rules about saying stupid things.

I do love words. You would not believe how excited I get when someone gives me a thesaurus as a gift. It’s pathetic how happy I become, almost orgasmic, when in establishments that are built to hold words–libraries, stationery stores, bookstores, etc. Christ, last month I went into my favorite book/stationery shop in France and became so overwhelmed with joy that my hands were shaking and I almost had a moment and cried.

Yeah, I’m that fucking annoying and unstable.

So, yes, I’ve decided to take on a word related project this year. Not this one, over at SMITH MAGAZINE, which I submit to from time to time because I really love it…

But this one, from Ali Edwards. I’m going to do the One Little Word Project.

It wasn’t hard for me to pick my word for the year. It’s supposed to be your mantra, something you relate to all the different parts to your life. The word should be something powerful for you, something you can apply daily, something you can find a way to document.

For 2012, I chose SIMPLIFY.

Nothing about my life is ever simple, but that’s the point. This year, it’s going to be, and I’m looking forward to it.