My Lithuanian folk dancing debut–VIDEO UPDATE

I don’t know what you guys are doing on New Years Day but after napping for the second time today, I’m settled back in for another Biggest Loser marathon and screwing around on my computer. Yes, 2012 is a productive year so far.

I was actually sitting down to write about this German challenge we’ve started for the month but that can wait because GUESS WHAT? I have obtained the Lithuanian dancing video!! FINALLY, someone sent me one of the short versions and after only 45 minutes of failed attempted on uploading it to youtube, I have succeeded! Technology fail no more.

So you remember how I was swindled into dancing with a Colonel from the Lithuanian army while I was in Vilnius?

Well, you can now see for yourself. Please note a few things in the video:
1. I am not wearing shoes because that would have been foolish.
2. The Lithuanian band behind me is real, yet look surprisingly like the cartoon picture I had previously posted.
3. The poor Colonel had no idea what he was getting into having to lead me in dancing. Poor guy.
4. I may appear to be smiling but I am actually trying not to pass out.
5. I have never been twirled so many times in my life. Also, do not attempt twirling after wine drinking. It is awful.

Heather's Lithuanian folk dance debut CLICK THIS!

I hope this is somewhat amusing, while you’re recovering from last night/gearing up for football today. You’re welcome.