Prepping for 2012

Tonight I got back in creative mode and I spent the night drafting my resolutions for the New Year. When finished, 4 days early, I posted them on my fridge so I could be held accountable BEFORE I actually wake up on January 1 this upcoming year. Yay me. Way to be productive tonight.

I don’t really feel like posting them on the blog, as I decided to stick with more serious, personal development/real life goals and didn’t make a list of weird and crazy stuff like hunting down juices or being able to lift my leg over my head.

Um, both of which I can check off last year’s list. *So proud.

Further, I think those bizarre goals are much more me and much more fun but I would love to have a year that is productive and SIMPLE. Nothing about me is simple but really. I could really, really use some simplicity. Just a tad.

And inspiration. I could use a bit more of that too to kick start the New Year. And tonight I found a bit while browsing other blogs. Tonight I ran across this quote and little picture and it seemed to fit in with tonight’s mood and with all the creative energy and big promises that go into starting a new year.

here’s to another life changing year…