Missing home at Christmas…

Today is such a blah day and it’s only two days before Christmas. It’s raining again here. It’s warm. It’s dreary and muddy and the Mr. is setting me off by refusing to leave work early again for the millionth day this month and my face has become some winter nightmare of dry skin and wintery rashes and I am milky as shit and I am eating cookies like I’m in some Eat Until You Look Like Santa contest and oh, I’m at work TODAY STILL EVEN THOUGH I HAVE THE REST OF THE DAY OFF (oh PLEASE guess why I’m still here). It’s not
Christmas-y and I feel like this:

Things aren’t bad, though. I’m just a fucking bitch today for who knows what reason. And it’s a shame that I’ve got such a bad attitude because things have been fantastic lately around the house. Lots of shopping and holiday wine drinking, wrapping and Christmas movie watching. The tree is decorated and the house is clean and the presents are put out (but not under the tree because goddamned Dante can’t be trusted) and today is the last trip to the store before our 2nd Annual Hopkins Family Christmas Sleepover.

Oh and in case you’re wondering, the Holiday Sleepover isn’t one of those fucking weird cuddle party nonsense things. It’s a 36 hour booze and food fest that revolves around fun things like misletoe and The Christmas Story and a Trouble tournament, RPS games, PJ wearing and gift opening. It’s for those of us that don’t go back to see our families in the States. We get to pass out in one house before Santa comes and wake up to celebrate Jesus, or in my case, Bloody Marys, the next day together. As a big Stuttgart family. I am positive it will be festive and drunken and lots of fun…I just don’t feel like it’s Christmas.

At home, Christmas is:

Cookie day with all the ladies in the family weeks before the holiday. My only contribution to this has been tasting and storytelling. I let them bake.

Shopping to get 75% of your presents with your sister on Christmas Eve

The smell of cranberry muffins and coffee on Christmas morning

Lots of quiche and wine and at least two meals in CT

Driving to see the Christmas lights

Spiking our coffees Christmas morning

Fighting over whose turn it is to open the next present

Waking up at 5am to wrap all the presents on Christmas because wine made that impossible the night before

Naps by the fireplace

Gin and tonic drinking…our favorite drink that tastes like Christmas trees…well, if you have enough gin, that is

24 hour day/7 day week Christmas movie marathons

Chinese food and board games on Christmas Eve

Wearing matching pajamas (my mother’s addition to Christmas. The photos are ridiculous)

Watching the snow fall

Being around family…that I think is what I miss so much. Having Cupcake here is making me miss the rest of my crazy family even more….
So hmph. I’m going to have to do something to get in the spirit. Or drink something. That would help, right? 🙂

Happy Christmas weekend, everyone.