Fall to Winter

    World traveling has kept me away from the desk and using the camera instead. But, now that I’m back, I’m ready to spill about a few fun stories from my travels. A few stories which include (when I write tomorrow):
    1. My appearance as a Lithuanian folk dancer extraordinaire. If I can get my hands on the video, I’ll post it.
    2. How I’ve been stalked because I have nice feet, which actually goes against everything everyone else in life has claimed…which is that I have little hobbit feet.
    3. How many adults can you fit in a sauna and does that ratio have anything to do with the amount of alcohol being drank at the same time?
    4. My experience with the mouse in the sleeping bag.

    But in the meantime, because I have to go to my office Christmas party less than 24 hours after walking off a plane from being gone for ten days, I’m going to have to stick with a few photos tonight. Enjoy. I’ll be sure to give you something more mouthy and thought out this week…

    First, we kicked it in St. Wolfgang to end the fall season.

    Drank by the water and took in the view.

    Toured a champagne vineyard, if that’s what they’re even called. Either way, I walked away with six bottles of this, which I never really drink anyway.

    And let’s all remember we cooked the French dinner.

    Let's please note that the hair on the man on the left is fucking scrumptious.

    Where I drank so much wine that I could actually feel my liver failing with each sip. Also, I started wearing leggings and tall boots, which is going really well, thanks for asking.

    Me and my personal stylist/partner in crime, Ms. Amber Smith

    Then a few days after all that, I shot off to Vilnius for work for a conference for ten days, which I just returned from late last night.

    And the city center…

    And the Old Town, where you could drink and eat to your little heart’s desire, which I certainly did not take part in….

    So. There’s a little preview for you if you’re bored. Now I’m off to play Dirty Santa, drink some bevvies, eat some fried pork and enjoy a little office cheer. Happy Lazy Sunday to you. 🙂