Lazy Sundays

I’m never sure why I have to argue why Sunday is my most favorite day of the week.
1. I usually lay in bed for up to ten hours playing on the computer, napping, reading and talking to friends.
2. I eat a lot of snacks.
3. I don’t get out of my pjs. Magic pants and a hoodie are even pushing it.
4. I drink an outrageous amount of tea.
5. I make sure not to do one thing stressful or anything considered to be work or house work.

So today I am figuring out how to add quotes to my photos (and pretty photos from other people) on my new computer and it’s a delightful project that will keep me busy for hours. Or until I run out of creative juices, whichever comes first. (you never know when nap time will strike, really) Here are a few.

**Starry night photo isn’t mine and links to author. All other photos were taken by moi.