Happy Birthday to me!

Who loves attention? Not this girl.

It perplexes most people how much I enjoy my birthday but c’mon, as one of the world’s biggest attention whores, I’m not sure why it’s confusing.

Today, everyone gets to remind that I’m still alive and kicking and I love it. Gifts and flowers and singing to me don’t hurt, either.

So what do I do on my birthday? A whole lot of loving myself and acting like a 5-year-old and doing whatever makes me happy. I don’t see why not. Everyone celebrates the birth of Jesus with things like trees and fancy dinners and pretty packages and lots of singing. I’m not about to have someone else in (fake and past) existence have a better celebrated birthday than myself. That’s just fucking foolish.

Well, normally, I sleep in but not today, I was up at 5:30 like a small child, because there were presents to be opened and that was priority one. That and I had to go to the German police station to fight a traffic violation which I won, thank you, thank you, even if the Mr. thinks the violation was dropped because I was flirting and smiling up a storm.*

Then I had breakfast made for me, and I never turn down food.

Then my friends sang to me.

Then my office sang to me and delivered me the fanciest of flowers, all in fall colors, and balloons, which we all know just scream out, LOOK AT ME and ask me why today is a big day.

Then I ate my second breakfast, which was also made for me.

Then I accepted a few happy, little phone calls.

Then I bought myself a few things at the store.

And now I’m eating chicken pot pie. At lunch. Because it’s my birthday and it’s my favorite.

The minute I get home, I will put on my stretchy magic pants, which for the rest of you are actually used in the colder months to cycle in but NOT FOR ME because I think they are more suited for high kicking and ninja fighting, because obviously today is magical. Then I will toss some booze down my neck, because I can. And then I hear I may or may not be going to France for dinner.

Either way, I have plans to carry on this celebration into next week by announcing to anyone that listens, “It’s my birthday today!” Strange looks aside, let’s keep this one person party going until say, mmm November 1.

Thank you, thank you to everyone for all of the fantastic birthday wishes. I’ll be sure this weekend to do as many self-absorbed, insane and generally ridiculous things as possible for entertaining posts for next week….

That I’ll be typing on my new MacBook Air. Woooooooo.

Happy Weekend all and a special Happy Birthday Weekend to my ladies in France. xoxoxo

**Note that this is the first time in history that I am documenting I used my flirting tactics on a German. Will probably never happen in life again.

**Until the next time I need to.

***Also note my lovely new header, compliments of Jen and Jen from back home. They take the BEST fall pictures and for that, I am grateful.

****I know my birthday seems to be full of eating, which it is. Take that, fall dieting.