New obsession alert

Today I’m going to write like a fat girl because that’s what I feel like doing and I can’t find anything else to write about and so I’ve settled on food.

Not just any food, though. Banoffee pie. My new love.

I had this pie once in Ireland and then at the airport waiting for my delayed flight, I ate a Banoffee ice cream sundae because they didn’t have the pie and when was the last time I had a sundae and in case you need another reason, it IS birthday week.

Now I’m not sure what the proper recipe would be, but I did find a UK one, which is better than just using an American recipe, I suppose, and I’ve forwarded it around already…you know, in case anyone is interested in making me SOME PIE for my birthday.

And, in the spirit of making lists of things I love, here are my top five pies of all time.

5. Pecan
4. Pumpkin
3. Banoffee
2. Strawberry Cream
1. Strawberry Rhubarb

And in case we need to get into this further, I love pie much more than I love cake. Unless we’re talking about my BIRTHDAY CAKE and in that case, I stick with yellow cake, chocolate frosting. Obviously.

As you can tell, I’m just a little bit excited that it’s my birthday tomorrow.