Get ready, Ireland. You’re next on the list.

So I meant to post this before I flew to Ireland yesterday. This was to be my, before traveling to Ireland post. Just wait until later when I have a chance to fill you all in on the bizarre little world I’ve stepped into…

(from a day ago)

Me and the Mr. made it to Ireland for a long weekend to celebrate our two year wedding anniversary. It’s probably more like a trip to celebrate him surviving two years of being married to me but either way, I’ll take the trip AND the new passport stamp.

Yep, Ireland is a new country to add to the list and I’m pretty excited. We should discuss, though, my ignorant and charming views about Ireland and then I can do an update when I return.

Here is an example of what I think Ireland looks like.

This is what all the little girls do to entertain guests, which I’ll be demanding on a regular basis, consider the friend I’m staying with has 4 little girls and those kids better be ready to DANCE.

No idea what's up with the amount of *pretty hair in this picture.

And they better not act like they don’t know how because they are Irish.

I’m pretty sure Ireland doesn’t have any of this.

But they do have lots of these.

Uhhhhhh, I'm sorry?

And, if you ask other people around the world, they will tell you the Gingers smell like fox’s pee. I’ll be sure to check this theory out.

Those are just a few things I’ll be expecting to witness while in the Land of Green. I’ll keep you all posted.