It’s Thursday, and I feel like a dressed up cat

Well, sort of.

It should disturb me that I can relate to this, but it doesn't.

The cat picture is actually just a filler that made me laugh and I thought it’d cheer me up. I’m not hungover today. I’m not really anything today. I’m just lacking motivation. I’m not peppy and I’m in a mood and I’m tired maybe because I didn’t sleep again last night, primarily because I had a horrific dream about snakes falling on my head, which Mr. H easily explained,

“You’re really not happy about these dreads, are you?”

No, I’m fucking not because they are multiplying at an alarming rate but I didn’t even think that I was dreaming about snakes because of my nappy hair.

In my dream I was at some German dirt bike race and I was walking straight into the lanes of oncoming bikers and couldn’t seem to get myself out of the way every lap until it was last minute. With each time I jumped to the side and saved my own life, I learned no lesson and found myself in the middle of the race again two seconds later.

It wasn’t until I heard someone calling my name in the woods did I think to take some beaten path to see who was calling me. When I didn’t find anyone, I kept walking until it became dark and all I could see was branches and leaves high above my head.

With one gust of wind, the tree tops all began to shake and dirt from the path blew into my face, blinding me. Before I could run or understand what was happening, snakes shot from the sky like lightning bolts. There were hundreds of them, falling fast from the darkness above. They slid down the back of my shirt, bounced off my shoulders, fell at my feet, landed on my head. I was screaming and attempting to not die of a heart attack and couldn’t run because I didn’t want to step on them but couldn’t stay because I didn’t want them touching me.

And then I woke up.

I don’t know how many times I have to explain this but I FUCKING HATE SNAKES. The fact that snakes are taking over my dreams, just like hair snakes are taking over my head is outrageously unacceptable. And it’s making me bullshit.

So. While this post is just bizarre and weird, let’s be honest. The cat picture is a big bag of awesome.

I’m off now to pout about who knows the fuck what.

Until tomorrow.