Shit I do when left unsupervised

So I got up this morning a bit early to deep condition my dread head and nothing fucking worked. Granted, I didn’t take the time last night to go buy a brush, but STILL. I had faith in this $20 bottle of conditioner and that shit failed me. I’ve spent 30 years using my fingers as a comb and now that I’m over 30, shit starts falling apart.

Mr. H said to me, while watching me pull at my dreads in the mirror, “Just wait until your hair appointment Friday and let the Germans deal with it. You can wait that long.”

I made a pouting face and said, “You’re right.”

But then he left the house and when unsupervised, I am badly behaved.

And so this happened.

This doesn't prove I have common sense. Just that I'm insane and impatient.

I actually cut three like this. It seemed like a good idea to get rid of the dead. And it was, until my hair dried and I had three pieces one inch off my head that now stand up like cowlicks and don’t fall into line like the rest of the curls.

Another example of my lack of common sense. Happy Wednesday.