The start to my new career….

Yes, I have started drafting my first children’s book,
“Santa Claus Isn’t Real, and other disappointments in Life”
So far, all I have is the cover, which took about 15 minutes to draft during lunch.

First draft. Autographed upon request.

Also, I think the young boy’s name in the book will be Alister because that is a god awful name, even worse than say, Timmy, and any kid named Alister deserves to have his hopes and dreams dashed. Also, yes, Alister is portly and has a very southern, I’m from money, douche hair-do. But he’s not southern. I’m not quite sure what he is yet, outside of being a pain in the ass that believes in Santa. We’ll ruin his life tomorrow when I draft the scene where his mother, Sally, tells him Santa and her tits aren’t real. That should really bring depth to his character, or so I hope. Here’s to wishing!

So. As you can see, it’s been another productive day in Germany filled with good ideas by moi. Now. I am going home for a night of relaxation and I think I will draw out this storyboard tonight. Will update you with new pages soon hahaha.

And I do hope you are all keeping equally busy. 😉