The Coug, her C Toe and the awkward family photo contest

Being the good friend that I am, and having not written in AGES, I am going to post the photo of my friend The Coug and her siblings, and ask that you vote for them in the contest they’re in, something about winning a trip to Hawaii, even though for the record if YOU GO TO HAWAII, Queen of Cougs, I am going to be BULLSHIT it’s not with me. And don’t even bring some flavor of the week. Bring your mother. She’ll keep you busy, that sassy ball of fun that birthed you.

Anyway. Here is a recent picture of the Coug and her sisters. (sans brother b/c lucky for him, he’s never around) Lucky for you, they’re even in order of how they are in the next picture.

Camel toe delight, Nose picker and the one that's BULLSHIT

Now. Here is one of my most favorite pictures of them EVER, which apparently they’ve entered in a contest and they’re in the top 20 and really want to win. Holy shit, please tell me this photo isn’t awesome??

Camel toe delight, nose picker and the one that's BULLSHIT, 2 decades ago.

Now if I were in the top 20, you’d better think I’d be begging my way to win. So that’s kinda what I’m doing for her. Plus, DUH. How in the fuck can you not vote for a picture that is displaying such camel toe? Right. It’s kind of disturbing to look at my friend at like ten and think, COUG, pull your spandex out of your goodies, but then again, it’s really, really funny. I’m so sad that I don’t have a picture of ME giving such a fine display of all-around awkwardness. Bummer.

Sidenote: The Coug totally still makes the squinty face when she gets drunk. All of a sudden the face comes on and she gets all, “WHAT? No, I’m not DRUNK. I.AM.NOOOOOT. WHAT?” (yes, this is coming from the girl that has worse reactions to booze, I know, I know.)

So. While you drink your coffee/pretend to work/take a break/watch TV tonight/do whatever you do when you’re not being productive, go VOTE. You can vote five times and if she wins and you voted, I’ll buy you a beer. Then I’ll make her buy me a lot of beer. Win, win.

PS, The Coug has still been ruining families and the hearts of young men in the greater Boston area for months again. It might be time for an update. In case you forget who The Coug is, here’s a reminder:
PPS,Sorry Mere and Jill for having to bring you into this but c’mon. I had to. Love and miss you all! 😉