Sometimes even I need a break…

Just wanted to post a note for anyone that keeps checking or has asked when I’m going to post next.

Might not do an Ask Heather this week unless I get a question worth answering…Not feeling creative enough to make one up in my own head right now.

Probably not going to post many times this week and avoided writing last week because of a work trip and a rough week personally.

Tomorrow is the four-year anniversary of my father’s death and I am not in the most cheery of moods. Most of what I want to write is nothing I’d subject the world to.

So. While I’m in hiding, being sad, angry, resentful and generally bullshit, I’ll try to make some notes for things I can write about when I’m back to normal.

In the meantime, have a good week and I’ll be back to my aggressive, chaotic, belligerent, cheery, loud self in no time. Talk to you then.

**Also, if at all possible, this is not the week to taunt/set me off. I will be totally irresponsible and selfish and awful this week. I will return all emails/calls/pay bills/resume eating/stop wine drinking/start dressing myself again/stop napping/stop with the mood swings/consider being more rational/return to normal NEXT WEEK. This is my disclaimer and official warning.