Chilly Mondays and playlist updates

Today I’m super busy with a big meeting and prepping for a trip next week but I’ve been doing pretty well in keeping up with the posts so I thought I’d keep it going…

It’s chilly and overcast here today in the Stu which means it’ll probably rain again this evening. Sooo, what better day to do a music post? Dreary weather always gets me in the mood for a night in the sweats, the windows open, some tea, a little office time and a great playlist. I was going over a few of my most recent new favorites–most not new in general, just new to me. In case anyone needs a playlist update or something to listen to on a rainy day…

***And for the record, no, I’m not seasonally depressed. I’m on a So You Think You Can Dance music kick, if you MUST know. Plus, today I’m tired of writing about tits and ass. Enjoy.

Damien Rice, Prague

Priscilla Ahn, Dream

Adele, Make You Feel My Love

PS, yes I know this is a Dylan song but Adele is my girl.

Joshua Radin, The Fear You Won’t Fall

Bonnie Pointer, Heaven Must Have Sent You

(just in case at this point you needed a pick-me-up)