Why my house decorations are better than yours

So, if you recall, Chris thought it was a brilliant idea for our take away from Denver, our memento from Al’s wedding, for it to be a ridiculously large bull on top of a weathervane.

Well, I only saw it sitting on a counter at a souvenir shop. I didn’t see it put together, which it is now. It’s also sitting in my living room, directly across from the couches and by the TV.

It’s also 4 feet and eleven inches tall. I know this because I am only an inch taller and I’m five foot even. Also, the horns come at eye level, which we realized when Chris said we might have to raise it in case I accidentally run into it one day and take an eye out. I’m not quite sure why I’d be running at the bull face first, but then again, stranger things have happened.

So here’s the glorious bull.

Don't be jealous.

This thing is going to set the Germans right off. We can’t put it on the house because we don’t own it. We can’t put it in the yard because they’d call the police. And so it will remain in the living room, in the windows, for all the nosey neighbors to see.

And at Christmastime, we will string him up in white lights. For the rest of the summer, his horns will be used as my bathing suit drying station. You can’t just show up at my house and not be all multi-purpose, even if you are a copper bull. So. All in all, I guess he’s a good purchase.

And if nothing else, he’s just ridiculous and fun.