Best Children’s Book Ever

Today is my first day back in Germany and I’ve only been off the plane 7 hours or so. Nothing too exciting happened, except that I took more than one sleeping pill just to be sure I slept, which I did, but then I could barely drag myself off the plane once I arrived home. And, I think I horrified the kids that sat next to me as I drooled all over the damned window. Oh well, I’m a sound sleeper.

Since I can barely keep my eyes open today and I’m swamped with 350 emails to answer AND I have to write a Wednesday’s Ask Heather, I am just going to let you all know today that I found the world’s best gift ever to give a friend that’s about to shoot a mini them out of their jage OR for a baby shower OR if you collect kid’s books. This one is AMAZING. I laughed out loud reading it in the airport yesterday, even though each page was predictable.

Author is a genius.

Seriously, why the fuck don’t I think of these things first? Writing a book where each page ends begging, PLEASE GO THE FUCK TO SLEEP??? Are you serious. That is awesome. Go buy it and while you’re at it, write Adam Mansbach a letter telling him he’s a riot. I’m going to.

PS-for any of my friends with womb dwellers, surprise ruined. This is what you’re getting in the mail. You’re welcome.