Me, but a cartoon. Kind of. Discuss.

So because I bought myself a fancy new web address,, and I’m trying to switch over to that this week, I figured I’d do a number of things to spruce up the new page. I want this new address to be the page I really want, not just a placeholder for my blog.

So, the thought occurred to me to have this artist take some of my real photos and make them into cartoon images to use for my Wednesday’s Ask Heather column. Figured that would be cute. I also asked her to do one of me at an airport so that I could attach that to any airport stories, because let’s be honest, I fly about every 7 weeks which means I’ll 99% positive I’ll come back with a new detainment story each time.

I got this idea from The Bloggess’ website (, because she had one done of her, and not that I want to copy every last good idea Jenny has, but honestly, she is a brilliant and the pictures are funny. So in girl crush fashion, I kind of copied the idea but asked the artist to make mine as different as possible so I don’t set anyone off.

That was the idea.

I email Miss Mortis, the famously fantastic cartoon drawer, for lack of a better term outside of artist because I am a moron, and she wants me to give her a little background. Here is what I tell her.

My name is Heather. I love traveling, gin, white wine and cleavage. My hair looks like a lion and I’m chaotic. Then I send her the link to my blog and explain the picture will be used for the Ask Wednesday male/sex/relationship advice column. I figure that should do it.

Then I attach this picture, to give her an idea of what my hair is like.

With an emphasis on the lion part.

And then this one, to show her what my face looks like when I’m attempting to take a nice, appropriate picture.

Very few normal pictures of me around, I realize.

And then this one, which is what my face usually looks like every time I have an ounce of booze in me. I don’t know why I make these faces.

I know I believe this is always a charming look at the time.

I send these fine examples of myself to her and viola! Here is my image.


Ummm…Feel free to openly discuss this on my fb page. In the meantime, I’m going to continue studying the picture.