I heart my brother

I probably won’t have time to write until this weekend due to a friend in town, trying to help plan my sister’s wedding which I am going home for IN 5 DAYS!!, I’m planning four work trips, one girls trip, and ah yes, I’m working.

BUT. I did want to take the time today to do something important. I want to wish my brother David a VERY, VERY happy birthday.

Dave and Achilles

Dave is six years younger than I am and we have very few things in common in our personal lives, despite our blood and fondness for each other. He married young, has already bought a house, has a dog the size of a horse, works endless hours doing manual labor to beautify the lands of Maine, drink tequilla and whiskey like a fish, is laid back and simple in that he enjoys little things and isn’t seeking something grandiose or complicated. He has a great laugh and a mischievous smile. He tans like an Indian in the winter and isn’t pasty in the summer. His hair is shiny and milk chocolately and he grows a beard sometimes that reminds me of Jesus, though there aren’t many things Holy about David.

The unholy part and the drinking like a fish part are the things we share most in commno….Right, Dave?

I don’t write about David enough and we have surely gotten into enough trouble together. He has always stood by my side and he’d throw down for me in a second, or hug me or toss me a high-five, depending on my needs. I miss him and I am so, so excited to see him next week.

So, Dave, happy, happy BIRTHDAY!! The shots are on me next week when I come home….