Tuesday Likes

Well, now that I’m done acting like a grumpy little hobbit, I will post some things that I like about this week, now that I’m back in the liking mood.

A little late in the game, but this picture makes me really sappy.

I want to be lying all dress up in the street getting kissed like that. Hmph.

It’s like the new version of this picture, which has made people all googly-eyed in love for DECADES.

Romance WIN.

I would say I want a picture captured of me like that, but typically I’m running around doing things like this, which are not so across-front-pages-internationally-charming…more mentally unstable disturbingly funny, which I’ve just come to terms with is MY THING.

This would be what we call Tongue Placement FAIL

So yeah, I’m not going to become the world’s next poster girl for romance but whatever.

The other thing I’m pumped about is my new tattoo I got in Amsterdam when I went with the boys this weekend. Me and Mr. H drove up to meet one of our most favorite friends from home, ML, and somewhere in between beer 5 and 6, ML was all, What if we went and got tattoos tonight? At which point, I starting pumping my fists over my head like a special person and shrieking, TATS TATS TATS, not to be confused with TITS, TITS, TITS, which I had already seen a lot of early that day. And wow, it should be noted the girls in Amsterdam are looking much better these days, or at least less beat in the face than 2007, when I saw the Red Light Whores last.

So, for those of you not on my FB page, here’s a pic of me getting my third tat.

It says, VACILANDO. I double tramped it up.

When it’s done hydrating and not peeling, I’ll post a pic of it all close-up style. It says VACILANDO.

vacilando. n. A wanderer. A person for whom the act of traveling is more important than the destination. The derivation is from the Spanish verb vacilar and is cited by John Steinbeck in his book, “Travels With Charley.”

Lastly, I found a Krav Maga instructor in Stuttgart. I figure between taking that AND my boxing training I sometimes get around to, I am going to be fucking people up in no time. Or at least I can if I want to.

At least I have goals. Happy Tuesday.