Frühlingsfest summary and Operation GUACAMOLE

After an exhausting night at Fest last night, which didn’t end until I arrived home at 4am, I am on the couch, surrounded by snacks and in the middle of a movie marathon. I will be laying here, napping on an off for the rest of the night.

Fest last night was as fun as it always is and I found a few pictures of myself from last night’s collection that will sum up the evening’s events.

First, is a pic of me, the Kokes and my half marathon training partner, Sweet Caroline.

Classic open mouth shot.

Then there’s this. All you need to know about Fest. All the beer you can drink, with a healthy dose of sightseeing.

I'm not sure this picture even needs a caption.

And I TOLD YOU IT WOULD HAPPEN. Why can’t I just leave my skirt alone?? Fucking can-can dancing. Damnit.

Oh, just me and Caroline dancing again. Cute.

So that was last night. Tonight, though, before before I hit the couch, I decided to be a bit productive and make homemade guac and chips for a snack. I’ve always been fascinated by people who make a great guac. Normally, I wouldn’t blog about this, but of course I had to act all special ed and Mr. H said it was kind of blog worthy…..

So to start, you have to cut and peel the avocados. Well guess the fuck what? No one has ever told me how to do it. So. Obviously I just started peeling mine like you would an orange. I couldn’t figure out what the hell was wrong with what I was doing and so I kept going until the Mr. was all, “What in the hell are you doing? Do you have to act like such an animal all the time?” Which of course the answer is yes because that’s just how I do things. So here’s a pic of the start. Guess which avocado is mine. HAAAAAAA.

HINT: Mine is the one that looks like a racoon tried to get into it.

Then when he showed me how to do it, I was back on track. Here are a few of the ingredients. Actually, almost all of them.

Then you add a bit of this.

Then, toss in some spice and mash it around with a fork. Or, if you’re impatient and aggressive like me, smash it up with a potato masher, or at least I think that’s what this is, and you get the job done faster. Using the fork was bullshit.

Suggestion for other angry, impatient domestic nightmares.

And then you are left with this, which is amazing.

Really, REALLY worth making at home.

So. That’s what I’m up to tonight and a few pics from last night. Now. I have to get back to working on my post about my thoughts on monkeys.