HEY Washington, DC–GET READY!!

Things have been a bit bullshit lately so I apologize for the quiet time. I have missed writing out my loud and nonsensical ramblings this week. I’ll see if I can’t blast out a few posts to let you all know:

1. The inner monologues I’ve been having in my head. Since I’ve missed almost a full week of posting, obviously 8 million conversations about dirt and Jesus and suntan lotion and Moxie have occurred.

2. What I’ve been using these days for a hair elastic. PS, the husband is getting really annoyed with my fun blog posts that out him. Which I obviously find hysterical.

3. If I’ve been arrested this week. Mmmm, I fly out this week again. There is always time.

4. That during Easter I tried turning water to wine which was a bust which further proved Jesus was NOT A WINEMAKER.

4. Why I am PUMPED to fly across the Atlantic, round two. (for real)

So, for now, in short, this dream team

Yes, my teeth are purple. It was Easter. I blame Jesus.

Is heading back home, to our very first city we shared together

One of my most favorite places in DC

to celebrate the marriage of two of our most favorite people in.the.WORLD—Ms. Carlyn “Functions on Ambien” Hayden and Mr. Chris “Weeps for Bon Jovi” Bale.

So. When I can access more photos from home later and sit down in my sweats and relax, I’ll be able to share the story of how and why the Bales came to be and why I’m really, really happy to add them to our always growing group of The (former and current) DC MARRIEDS.

Few more things.

I forgot Moxie’s birthday again, which was April 5th. For the past few years we’ve been saying she’s 3 and like Peter Pan that girl never grows up so this year she’s turning 5.

This year she won't be three again. We're changing her age to 5.

To make up for missing her birthday we are most likely going to buy us steaks and her a bone and a party hat. Pictures to follow to further prove that 1. Moxie is fucking awesome and 2. I have lost my mind.

This is how you celebrate Easter in Germany.

No I do not know him, yes he's dressed as a rabbit and yes, my eyes look evil

With the festive gays and a few gin and tonics. What else did you expect me to do on Jesus Comeback Eve? Because obviously.


We are having a “The Hopkins’ Return to DC and let’s get the Bales MARRIED ALREADY” happy hour at this bar, at 6pm THIS THURSDAY.
Come one, come all. It’ll be great to see everyone and I know you’re all dying to take a shot at my liver.

For now, that is all. Peace out, bitches.