Winter Song and The Anderson Crew

I thought by now we’d all be looking over our shoulders at winter and waving goodbye, but then one of my friends emailed me this afternoon and said she got snow this weekend. How awful.

And so, here is one last song about winter, before it disappears for good for another year. HOPEFULLY SOONER RATHER THAN LATER. I actually feel weird posting about winter right now, because it’s 60 and sunny here today, but REALLY. I am a giver and when people are down about the snow, I will at least be around for some cheer.

No, I’m not being dramatic. I thought it was a really sweet song, representative of leaving behind winter for spring. And I found it on a really sweet blog, The Anderson Crew, which I like to read when I’m having a selfish or down day, because their optimism is really great.

So. Enjoy your new song and your new blog.

**Sorry, I’ve been doing a lot of writing today. I will find something funny to post about tomorrow. Like reasons I want a monkey.