Two firsts–Scotland AND a half-marathon!

So Caroline and I will not be out-done by Team “I’d rather be drinking” of Stuttgart, and so when we were drinking beer at Hooters a few weeks ago, we decided we were going to do a half marathon together this fall for a few reasons:

We may seem well-behaved, but we're masters at trickery.

1. We have been lazy

2. Beer makes anything sound like a good idea

3. I’d like to be that person that LIKES to run, but I really don’t see it happening. Currently, I only run when chased, which actually never happens.

4. We decided to pick a different country so we could travel.

First it was Dublin but then I realized that race is during my Exercise for work so that’s no good.  So back to the drawing board we went and we FOUND IT. 

Aviemore, Scotland!  HERE WE COME!

And so in October, to celebrate our (29th) birthdays, we are going to run this race:

And we are going to wear the girl version of this bit of awesomeness:

I am so in love with the animal head on crotch look. MMMM, YES.

And then we are going to drink a whole lot of this:

Will obviously help my performance.

And eat some neeps and tatties (no idea what either are):

Must taste better than it looks

Then we are going to go harass the locals and get drunk and listen to their fancy accents and celebrate our BIRTHDAYS for the rest of the weekend. Sounds aggressive.

This is how we behave when we're together. LIKE SAINTS.

Scotland, you have 6 months. This is your one and only warning.