Thank you, Danke, Muchas Gracias, Merci

Just wanted to write a note to anyone that reads my daily nonsense to say thank you.  This week I hit 20,000 readers and wooo, I feel bigtime. 🙂

Normally, I try not to care about who reads and if anyone is interested in what I say but I was feeling pretty proud and since it’s because of YOU, I thought this morning’s post should exist only to express my gratitude. 

I write as often as I can to stay in practice.  I write what I write to entertain.  So thank you for keeping me going. 

And to show my thanks, here is one of the most awesome videos I’ve seen in a while.  Please note that at minute 1:05 and 1:25 are my MOST FAVORITE dance moves.  They.are.SICK.  And, you’re welcome.