Hooters in Germany

The pictures in this post are going to have to explain themself because I’m going to be busy tonight drinking some vino and writing a more interesting post but I love how whenever my girlfriends and I go anywhere, the question always ends up being, What’s wrong with us?

I’m beginning to think I’ll never have the answer.  Behaving ourselves is just a continuous (but really fun) epic failure.  But hey, we’re here to make memories, not behave, right?  Right. 

So we go to Hooters today an hour away because it’s rainy, we were bored, and after having American wings in Munich on Monday, we all had a craving for more wings, so why not go to Hooters?   (there are plenty of reasons why not…just none that seemed that compelling)

I just wonder how it always goes from a completely normal trip to a shitshow.  This was no exception.

This was upon arriving.  Beer one.

Note that I'm wearing clothes and looking normal


And then, three beers and one brilliant idea later, I morphed into a Hooters’ girl.  Which was obviously going to happen anyway but let’s remember it was 2 in the afternoon and no one else was in the place but old people and small children.  Which makes complete sense.

Missing my sweater and now really thrilled with myself

So that’s normal.  3 beers and a $20 purchase later, I have a new, potential job opportunity.   Good thing.  You know, in case that whole thing I have called a career doesn’t work out. 

Fucking ridiculous, I completely agree.