Hong Dong and the photoshop challenge

Please meet the world’s most awesome dog, Hong Dong.  I had to take a few minute break to quickly discuss this because I’ve been feeling some insane guilt about:

1. Not getting the full Sedaris story up.  I just don’t want to post something that doesn’t cover my whole night.  Considering how important it was to me, it deserves a good post.

2. I get wicked guilt whenever I don’t post when I want to.  Work is kicking my ass.  So is mothering the world’s most annoying dogs and chasing famous authors.  I will be better soon.

Back to this dog. 

Would getting this dog mean I'm cheating on chows or no?

I don’t have anything too riveting to say about him that’s not already printed but wow.   Wow and a few thoughts, of course.

1. Hong Dong is a great name and I do not care what it means in Chinese.  I’m keeping it Hong Dong and I am considering calling anyone I feel like HD.  Especially people who are stupid.  It’d go something like,

Stupid person: Blah blah shit I don’t care about blah

Me: (acting uninterested) Alrighty, Hong Dong.  Whatever you say.

That seems fun.

2.  This is borderline a lion.  If I were rich, I’d get one of these dogs and stay home all day and brush his hair. 

3.  I wonder if he has a black tongue like chows do.  That creeps me out and makes me nervous.  Black tongues.  Eh, not a fan.

4.  This is one expensive dog.  I would say it should be able to do tricks like one of those bears at the circus that rides a bike but considering it can grow to about 286 pounds, I suppose the dog can do nothing if it wants.  And if it’s that big, do you have to walk it or can you just ride it around? 

5. This leads me to the fact that I now want this dog so I can ride it around.  He’d be like my very own Falkor, but a dog, and we probably won’t star in a movie but a reality show would do. 

Like we don't all need our own animal to transport us around.

Alright, parting challenge of the day.  I’ll send $ to the person that can photoshop me into the picture with Hong Dong.  I’m sure you can find some ridiculous picture of me to use on FB and then I’ll put something in the mail for you.  $30 (or euro, if you live here) and a small gift that you can bet your bottom dollar is going to be random and awesome.  The best picture wins. 

Send it to my email or fb account….Get to it, tech geeks.  I know some of you are BRILLIANT at this type of game.