The David Sedaris Report

My life is complete.  I met and talked to David Sedaris.  He signed my book and I asked him a question in the Q&A and I gave him my gift and he laughed at me. And my friends taped it, because they are awesome. 

Those are the only words I can put together right now because:

1. I only slept 2 hours before coming to work today.

2. Because I was so lovesick for a week straight, I haven’t eaten in days and I may or may not die.  Now that I have met DS, I can go back to eating.

3. I’m not sure how exactly to explain how epic last night was.  I have said the phrase best night of my LIFE at least 3,000 times since last night.  And I mean it.

So.  I will be sure to write more later, when all my pics and videos and thoughts are gathered.  For now, I’m going to go lay on the floor of my office and go over last night’s events again, smiling to myself and staring at the ceiling, like the lovesick goon I am.

Now.  Do I drive to Cologne to see him on Thursday or do I stay home??  Priorities, priorities.