I’m giving up frostbitten vagina for Lent

Just kidding.  I’m not.  Why would I?  Frostbitten vagina is HOT.  Especially on Fat Tuesday.   No idea what I’m talking about?  Yeah, I have no clue.  But that’s what someone googled today and found my blog. 

I need to be more creative when I google search, obviously.

 And in case you can’t see it, here’s a better shot.  And sorry, my camera is shit so this is the best you’re going to get for now.

Frostbitten Vagina. The sexiest type, of course.

I can’t really do much more than shake my head.  Not only did someone search “frostbitten vagina” BUT THEY SAID NOTHING SAYS SEXY LIKE A???

Just seeing this made me stop doing everything else and sit and think hard about if there was ever a time I could remember where I was concerned about my jage frosting over. 

I couldn’t think of a time.  I have quite a few jage stories, yes, but none, unfortunately having to do with frostbite.  Damn it.  I feel like somehow I haven’t been trying hard enough in life or something.

And so, ladies, as you celebrate today, International Women’s Day, just know that there are some men out there like your jage just the way it is…and I’m sure if it’s frostbitten, they’ll help you warm it up.

Happy Fat Tuesday.  Here’s to all the beer, boobs and beer you can get your hands on.