Getting naked with zi Germans

Today is a busy day, as I’m back from being on sick leave for two days, which really just means I broke in my couch and was bored out of my mind. 

I’ll have to write more tonight when I get home but I just wanted to toss it out there that tonight’s post will be about how I spent an hour naked with a German stranger yesterday.  Since yesterday’s unexpected events remind me of how I felt when I was naked with a bunch of random strangers in Iceland in 2007, I’ll do that as a follow-up tonight as well.  Mine as well go big and do an all things naked in Europe post.  Wait for it.

And until then, this song made my day.  And I should note that while listening to it, I still felt fucking violated.  My Mr. H has this tendency to think that whenever he loses his iPod, he can steal mine, wipe it and assault it with aggressive amounts of trance, rave and shit that makes my ears want to bleed (think Nickelback’s “Animal”, of his most favorite songs of all time, I’m sure of it).  Anyway, his songs  are currently what I’m experiencing on my iPod until tonight when I can Heatherize it again but for now, at least I got my daily dose of Global Deejays.  Rave on.

Until later, high five for hump days.