Spring favorites

 Just when I thought spring was here, it snows for 36 hours straight this week and ruins my excitement of celebrating an early spring.  Now I can’t see the damned grass and I have to wear my coat again and I just had my shorts out and was browsing spring cross training shoes (for what, who knows).  So HMPH, dreary, miserable and cold German winter.  I am done with you.  Eh, but, since I can’t really be done with you until you are done with me, fuck you and here are my Spring Favorites, the before the season is actually here edition.

Iced Coffee: 

Down the hatch, down the hatch

 Technically, I’ve been drinking it for a month now.  That one weekend of warm weather launched me into iced coffee season and now I can’t stop.  I can’t tell you how much I hate hot coffee and THANK YOU ICE CUBES for making my season better.  This obviously has to be number one because my mind refuses to function without caffeine. 

Rahm Motherfucking Emanuel as Governor of Chicago

I don’t get political a lot but I love him.  He is wicked bad ass and I can’t wait to watch him in action as Governor.  I love change.

Tulips:  Yep, it’s about time to kick-off the season of my favorite flower.  And since I didn’t make it up last year to see them, I’m hoping to make it to the Netherlands to see the gardens for myself this year. 

Except I wouldn't look like such a goon.

 Anthropologie dresses for spring: While I struggle to figure out what my spring “look” will be, you should know that I really get excited over these dresses.  (FYI, “look” includes anything in addition to sweatpants)

Sunny AND Mad Men-esque

Soloman Cross Trainers, green: 

Will obviously help with my boxing training.

I have no idea what i might be doing that requires me to wear these instead of the old and perfectly fine sneakers I have, but since I was little, I have bought new sneakers each spring.  Feels wrong not to do so again this year, especially since they’ll probably be wicked helpful with my boxing training.

 Straw Hats:  I have no idea what about spring makes me want to get a straw hat, but I do.  And let’s be honest, it has nothing to do with protecting my face from the sun because I like a little color on the face. (I know, I know)  Anyway, add straw hat to the list. 

Dance music with the windows down.

And while we’re speaking of windows, being able to keep them open during the day. 

That’s the early spring edition for now.  More to probably follow once the actual season really hits.