Goals in life, the let’s get real edition

I often wonder if people choose goals in life that are worth aspiring to.  Or original.  Or attainable.  And so in my life, I try to keep it simple. 

Best official herder of international cats?  Check.

Ultimate maker of grilled cheese in life?  Check.

Most dramatic?  Easy.  Held title since 1998–my high school yearbook and track record since then will prove such.

Wine connoisseur in the States and Europe and ALMOST THE WORLD?  Semi-check, work in progress. 

But really.  When all those things are current accomplishments, I think to myself, what more can I seek to achieve in life?  What more can I add to my resume and bring to the table?  Well.  That is easy.  I have already started my quest for the ultimate title.


Like you haven't competed for the title.

Don’t be jealous.  Just find yourself a new goal.  In the meantime, I’ll go back to my wine drinking and you all have yourself a very happy and productive weekend.  🙂