Laptop Fridays, Lisbon and licking the gays

I love the first few days back from a trip, when I feel so happy to be back and so comfy on the couch.  Even more so, I love LAPTOP FRIDAYS, when me and the Mr. lay on opposite ends of the couch, snacking, each playing on a laptop, watching tv.  Ahhh, so relaxing.

Even better, we’re watching The Biggest Loser, which I heart because 1. I love how Jillian is constantly kicking someone’s fucking ass.  2. I spend


so much of the time trying to figure out if Bob is gay because he is so goddamned yummy and based on the number of times a year that he wears a cardigan/fauxhawk, I’m kind of convinced he loves penis but then again, maybe he is just that.cute. AND loves jage.  Dream world shit right there.

In case any of you were wondering, Lisbon is awesome.  It was sunny and warm in between rain showers and there were trees of the palm nature, water and marinas and fresh seafood and pretty men and well, how many more things to I have to list to convince you that it’s worth a trip?

I'm kind of obsessed with a good fountain

So I did the hotel thing, the site survey thing, checked out the pubs and restaurants and sampled the wine and the local pastry

Think fried dough meets boston cream donut. But better.

 (to.die.for) and spent time with the host nation, who I realized are both: really funny and really sweet and I’m sad to say that in the past year, I had barely spoken to either.  I assume it’s because they thought I had a case of the crazy and thought best to stay away from Little Miss Trainwreck, which for their sakes, I completely get it.  No biggie.   And, when they showed me this youtube video,  I knew we were true friends.  *love their sense of humor. 

So, can’t wait to get back to Portugal next month.  Will be a fantastic kick-off to spring.  Good friends, good food, fantastic city.  Woo.

Now.  You know you’re getting old when the highlight of your week may not be going to Lisbon but that your new couch set gets delivered tomorrow and FOR ONCE IN A DECADE, we’ll have a new set which means we each get our own couch.  (me: loveseat, which is perfectly suitable for my midget legs)  Now, I should mention that I actually hate the couch we’re getting but that’s to be expected as we gave in and ordered it from the base store, which is only filled with generic shit that while somewhat comfy, is nothing easy on the eyes.  Ok, maybe it’s easy on the eyes but just plain fucking boring. 


And it’s not that it’s really ugly.  And I’m excited that every night will not be like a fucking wrestling match and I won’t be hanging upside-down off the couch because I think we’ve doubled in size or maybe the couch shrank like it’s fucking Wonderland around here, who knows.  Either way, I’m pumped for the new set only so we can be relaxed and happy.  For now, laying on the couch together just makes us aggressive and angry.  Hateful.  Speaking of hateful, it’s not really the couch I hate, maybe it’s the color.  I prefer beige or sage couches.  Not cream.  I hate cream.  Just looking at the couch makes me think, Cute.  Can’t wait to watch Moxie parade through her own shit in the yard and then an hour later crawl up for a snuggle.  Or more likely, Awesome.  Can’t wait for the next time I get hammered and eat pizza like an animal on the couch like it’s 200-fucking1 and I’m still in college, unable to maintain clean furniture.  *responsibility at it’s finest.  Anyungrateful way, that’s the couch, it’s not too bad and I’ll be spending all day at home waiting tomorrow for it.  Double wooo.

So, that’s my Friday  night, my trip recap and weekend details for now.  Happy weekend!