Thoughts on Thursday

So.  Ready for a little bit of random?  Good, me too.

So.  I haven’t done a crushing on series lately.  Let’s do this.

Things I’m crushing on this week

Tats.  Since watching LA Ink in mass quantities while in Yerevan, I’m kind of obsessed with new tats and I’m a tad obsessed with Kat Von D.  So.  In the past week, I’ve worked it out with a few opinions and a lot of looking at photos.  And I’ve decided to go with three new tats this year which means I BETTER GET TO IT.

1. My EU flag with the blacked out star. 

How many more with GO BLACK?

The idea is to show my love for living on this side of the world but to give mine bit of flair, I’ve decided that as I have to ban countries for their bad behavior and people of evil, their star will have to turn from yellow to black.  Upon getting this tattoo, one star will already be black.  Can you possibly guess which country that could be?  God, I hope I go back to the States with only one black star….either way, this tat is going to go on the inside of my left wrist. 

2. A tree growing up my right side.  Don’t bother asking why. (because it’s bad ass, that’s why.  Special thanks to Tennessee for this one.)  And, I just like trees, as I think they signify strength and my tat will not have flowers but leaves instead.  Fall leaves.  Shocking.  Kind of dainty like this, but more on my side, wrapping around to my bottom.

Minus the cherry blossoms, add leaves and move it onto my side.

And last night I was in love with this one. 

Sub in leaves for blossoms.

 Obviously I still need to work on that idea.  Maybe it’s a summer tat.  Will look better with a tan (fake), anyway.

3. The word “Vacilando”, which loosely translates into “not all that wander are lost” OR the idea that the journey is more important than the destination.  Yes. I totally subscribe to this. 100%.  Think we’ll place this one on my foot or inside of my ankle somewhere.

Monks chanting.  So.  I know, random.  However, my ride home was pretty bizarre today.  This week I looked up this song I haven’t heard in years but has always been a favorite.  And out of nowhere today, it came on the German radio.  I was all window down, radio up, BLISSFUL.

Gameplans.  As of last night, I already have one in the works for my encounter with THE Mr. David Sedaris.  Outfits are involved, as are props and finding a way to be memorable.  I don’t want to give him a reason to write about me in one of his stories.  I want to give him a reason to read mine one day.  Daunting task, I know, but I’m up for the challenge.  And so now I am firm in my, write from 9pm-12am rule because if, “Oh, so your book is done, can I read it?” ever happens, you better believe I already showed up with it IN HAND.  I’m all about seizing the shit out of the moment.

So.  That’s today….if you need me, you can find me in my office, head down, writing the hell out of some stories.