I caved

I said I wasn’t going to do it and then I did.  I signed up for a Twitter account, breaking from my previous stance I like to call, “Twitter is for twats.”

But, I don’t like to be left out.  And so, even though I have no idea what thefuck I’m doing, how to manage my page, what to tweet that I haven’t already said on FB and The Chronicles, I guess I’ll have to spend 5 more minutes thinking of some original to spew at the world.  I’ll probably reserve my tweets (I cannot tell you how much I hate that word) for my most insane thought of the day.  That would at least be fun.

Tweet, fucking tweet.

And so.  If you want to find me or want to give me tips on what to do, who to follow, how this whole mess works, you can find me  @theHchronicles.

Well, it’s actually just “theHchronicles”.  Who the fuck knows if that @ belongs there or not. 

I really hate it when I sell out to myself.  Bleh.  Anyhoo, relevant song of the day.  Sing it, Michael.