Depressing news of the day

I want to know why you can buy a rabbit at a store for $10 but if you want to buy a rabbit furry hat, it’s $90.  I can’t imagine that it takes more than 3 rabbits to make my damned hat and so it should be maybe $30 or $40, if you consider the labor.   So.  Why did my pal Alexey have to tell me today that I cannot get this year’s hat for less than $90, unless I want a used one, which no thanks, I do not want lice, I’m just fine, thanks.  Ugh.  I even walked over to the market today to scope out which hats I would purchase this year.  Hats as in five of them because all my lady friends want a hat of their own. 

So.  Does this mean I do not buy my hats, OR, I justify spending $90 to have a dead animal sit on my head a few times a year?

Don't bother calling PETA

 I have no idea why I’m having this conversation with myself.  I am getting a new hat.  End of discussion.